Language learning helps to support brain development, which has innumerable benefits. Private tutoring is an excellent way to address specific learning needs in a one-on-one setting.

Whether the learner is an adult or high school student the sessions can support self confidence¬† and motivation. These sessions can be at an agreed-upon site: my home, the student’s home, or a neutral site.¬† During the current pandemic, the sessions are available virtually.

Sessions are $50.00 an hour per student at an agreed-upon site. You may also pre-pay for 10 consecutively scheduled sessions at my home for $400 per student.

Another language service provided is English as a Second Language for those that are not native English speakers. This would include accent reduction services.

I would also be willing to provide a language course for companies/organizations (Spanish or ESL) tailored to the specific needs of the company/organization.

To get started, complete the forms on the contact page and services/enrollment page or email me at